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Back in the day NERF ran the Nerf Dart Tag League and held an annual tournament. This started in 2008 and ran until 2013. We are doing something similar at the Battlearium. We are hosting a Foam Dart Tag League.

Here are the details:

Foam Dart Tag League and Battles at the Battlearium

Age Brackets

Kids: Ages 6 to 11
Youth: Ages 12 to 18

Start Date

League play starts the first week of November. Players will get 6 weeks of league play and participate in a league tournament. Games will take place on Sunday evenings between 6pm and 9pm.

Registration Deadline

Registration must be completed online and be submitted no later than October 31st at 11:59pm.

Register as an Individual

You can register as a single player without a team. We will put you on a team OR you can also register as a single player and include the name of the team you want to be on.

Register as a Foam Dart Tag Team

If you want to register a whole team, you can do that on the registration page.

Team Size

Teams can have up to 7 players and may be co-ed. Only 4 players will complete in a match. Substitutions can only be made when a new match begins.

Note: Parents can select, recommend, or be coaches. Parent coaches are encouraged to be involved. They can also request other children to be on their team.


Players are provided with pennies for game play. Teams can create their own shirts if they like, but if the team doesn’t have matching shirts then they need to wear the pennies we provide. Player will use regular nerf guns – no rivals, megas, or mods. The Battlearium will provide the foam darts, referee, arena, and the time clock.

Game Play for Foam Dart Tag

Foam Dart Tag League matches are five minutes long and play like Capture the Flag. Each team has a base with a flag in it. The opposing team will attempt to capture the flag. An air horn starts and stops each match. Players must be in their team’s base when the horn sounds the start of the game. The team with the most points at the end of the match will win the match. Points are scored by tagging an opposing player with a dart and capturing the flag.

Scoring in Foam Dart Tag

Points can be scored in a few different ways:

Tagging players – When you hit an opponent with a dart, your team gets a point. The score will be called by the referee. The player hit must move to the penalty box for 10 seconds.

Capturing the flag – Capturing an opposing team’s flag is worth 5 points. The flag must be captured and returned to your base. If you are tagged by a dart while carrying the flag, the flag will be returned to the opposing team’s base.


Teams play 3 matches. Each match lasts 5 minutes. There is a 3 minute break between matches for teams to strategize and catch their breath.

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