Everybody Loves a Foam Dart Battle!

If your kids love Nerf guns, bring them to the Battlearium for our Foam Dart Battles. We supply the darts (regular and Rival). Your kids will be supervised in the the arena by a referee who will take them through a series of mini-games like Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Team Death Match, Zombies vs. Humans, and more! We will run them for a solid hour and they will be ready for a nap when it is all over – you may want one too!

Foam Dart Tag League and Battles at the Battlearium

Bring Your Own Nerf Weapon

If you have your own Nerf weapon, bring it and play with it in our signature Foam Dart Battles. We have a number of blasters you can use as part of your entry fee. Do note that we ONLY USE RIVAL BALLS in the arena. We don’t allow modified blasters in the arena. If you’re bringing a little one to play, do bring a blaster you know they can use.

The Cost to Play Foam Dart Battles

We like to encourage people to bring a group so they can play with their friends. When you book a party of 10 or more, you get the arena for an hour for a private party. People walking in off the street can’t join in a private party game. Private party games are great for birthday parties and special events. Private parties of 10 are $180. Additional players are $15 each. You can book your private party right now online.

If you would like to walk-in and play, you can during our regular business hours. The cost to walk-in and play is $19.50 a person per hour.

Things You Need to Know

Make sure to read our article titled Things You Need to Know before you come. Wear your sneakers. Playing at the Battlearium is an athletic endeavor. Foam Dart Battles are not for the faint at heart. You will be running and dodging so wear shoes that are appropriate. Sign your waiver online before you come. Your waiver will be good for a year.

Please read our rules and our FAQ to make sure you get all your questions answered. Feel free to call 304.208.8057 if you want to talk with someone. We are always ready to take your call.

Book Your Foam Dart Battle Now!

Birthday Parties (10 to 24 People)

Large Groups (10 to 24 People)

Small Groups (4 to 9 People)