Get your Christmas Gift Certificates today at the Battlearium!

Are you looking for a great Christmas gift to give your favorite child or grandchild! We have gift certificates for the Battlearium. Use the button below to lock in your gift certificate. Score one of these for the best gift of the season!

One thing we have learned since we opened is that kids LOVE to play with their parent(s) and grand parent(s). You need to play with them.

There are a lot of hiding places in our arena. A number of games we play don’t even require running. Plus – and this is something you need to know – the person you’re giving this to doesn’t care how good you are. They care that you are there with them doing something they love.

Come and play!

Now, make sure you’ve read this article, “Everything You Need to Know!” We also recommend you read our rules and our FAQ before you come.

One hint we always give people is to fill out the legal waiver before arriving. This saves you time and gets you into playing a lot sooner.

We have a number of Gift Certificate offerings. You can give a group of 4 or 10 as a gift OR you can give a group of 10 two hours in the arena! Check out all of the opportunities.

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