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Trade in Your Mic for a Bow and Arrow!


This is not your normal Battle of the Bands where music groups square off to see who has the best sound or performance. This is a REAL Battle of the Bands where band members pick bows and arrows and go after each other in an honest-to-goodness Archery War. The band that wins will claim the title of Best Band!

The idea for this came when local musician Alan Brown challenged the guys in Ducain to an Archery War. The idea of a fundraiser was born. All the money raised from the Battle of the Bands will go to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. Bands can enter for $50 per band. The goal is to get 6 bands in the mix but we will take more. The games will take place on August 24th. Each band is guaranteed two games in the tournament.

Rules for Battle of the Bands

Teams consist of at least 4 players but may be as big as the team wants. Only 4 players are allowed in a match at one time. Players must be members of the band and have performed in at least 3 live performances to be considered members.

The games will be Team Death Match with regular Archery War rules.

There are three matches to a game. The winner of the game advances.

Registration: Registration starts Today

This is a great cause and is meant to be a fun opportunity for regional bands to get to know each other, laugh, and have a good time. The winner of the tournament will get their promotional poster in the Party Room at the Battlearium and a certificate proclaiming them the Battlearium’s Best Band.

More Information

Call or text Alan Brown at 740-534-3117. You can also register right now.

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