Team Rosters, a Schedule Download, and More…

It is time to play Archery Wars! The league has been made. The teams have done their recruiting. Everyone is ready and getting trained. Practices are happening. SEASON 2.0 is underway!

If you want to watch, come on down and see the best players in Huntington shoot it out with bows and padded arrows.

Want to know more about Archery Wars? We made a really great video that you can watch to understand how the games are played. Watch it below:

At the end of this page, you can download your Adult Archery League Schedule. Your Coach should be contacting you and reminding you of your games and practices he/she has scheduled.

Team Rosters

Team Name: Kid Ketchup

Team Color: Red

  • Coach: Bradley Burck
    • Ossie Burck
    • Miles Bucklad
    • Owen Spurlock
    • George Wright
    • Andrew Holland
    • Ann Holland

Team Name: Savage Joes

Team Color: White

  • Coach: Franklin Norton
    • Bethany Neilson
    • Craig Hefner
    • Scout Burck
    • Ali Childers
    • Josh Hastings
    • Matt Prunty
    • Brandon Thomas

Team Name: Money Shots

Team Color: Red

  • Coach Greg Jimison
    • Weston Robarts
    • Chris Ball
    • Drew Hines
    • Dennis Brumfield
    • Peter Ray
    • Dave Thompson

Team Name: Heritage Farm

Team Color: Green

  • Coach Audy Perry
    • Mike Dunn
    • TJ Woolwine
    • Steve Cook
    • Mason Carroll
    • Ashley Smith
    • Dalton Hadlock
    • Scott Blake

Team Name: Apollos

Team Color: Orange

  • Coach Pat Rayl
    • Jacob Dunkle
    • Stephanie Dunkle
    • Andy Hill
    • Matthew Jones
    • Alvie Shaw
    • Jason Moore
    • Ian Handy

Team Name: Quiver Me Timbers

Team Color: Blue

  • Coach: Jennifer Wheeler
    • Izzy Cross
    • Allyson Summerfeldt
    • Tony Mancini
    • Lacey Cyfers-Ahmad
    • Omar Ahmad
    • Laci Browning
    • John Zickefoose

Team Name: Roman’s Raiders

Team Color: Black

  • Coach Jacob Roman
    • John Gleason
    • EJ Hassan
    • Eric Newfeld
    • Christian MacCourtney
    • Alex Jones
    • Sydney Jacobson

Find Your Archery League Games

Archery Tag League Schedule Spring 2020

League Rules

Find all the rules related to league play in the News section of our site in an article titled, “Adult Archery League Rules.”

Download the Schedule

Download the Adult Archery League Schedule.

If you have questions about the league or game times, please call us at 304.208.8057. Make sure to contact us to get your name on the list to be contacted about playing with us in that league.