Dodgeball Games in Huntington
Dodgeball Games in Huntington

New Games to Play at Battlearium You’ve seen the movie Dodgeball with Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. You played the game as a kid in P.E. You may have even caught a game or two at the annual caged Westmo Tournament in the Westmoreland neighborhood of Huntington. Now you can play dodgeball with us! It is here – play DODGEBALL!…

How to Play Arrow Wars
How to Play Arrow Wars

Come and Shoot a Bow and Arrow! The New York Times put out an article about a great new game called Archery Tag. The Wall Street Journal has one too! Now you can play that game in Huntington, West Virginia! We call it Arrow Wars. Arrow Wars is simply an amazing time! The game is a total adrenaline rush. Come…

The Cost of Entertainment in Huntington and the Region
The Cost of Entertainment in Huntington and the Region

What’s it Cost for a Minute of Fun in the Huntington area? As you can see from the picture above, I did a lot of research on entertainment in Huntington. The picture is only a few of the entertainment businesses on the list. Please avail yourself of the full list and use it. Now you can Download a PDF price…

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